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Monday, 1 October 2012

5 Favourite Find and Spot Books {The Children's Bookshelf}

Recently both my kids are enjoying spotting things in books. Here is a little round up of the books that we have been enjoying recently. These books are great fun! They also develop concentration and problem solving skills whilst encouraging children to talk about the things they spot.

1001 Things to Spot in Town  This book contains lively scenes from a town and encourages children to talk,count and find the things in town. Derin (32 months) loves  counting the cars,motorbikes,trucks etc.

Who is Hiding by Satoru Onishi is a big hit with both kids. I wrote about it before here.

Spot It by Delphine Chedru is  just lovely with beautiful illustrations,previously reviewed here.

Yellow Balloon is for all the kids who love balloons! Are there any who don't like them ?! I wrote about Yellow Balloon here a couple of months ago.

And the phenomenal Where's Wally Book. This is too difficult for toddlers but my five year old loves it.

Any find and spot books your children love? I would love to hear them.

 What have you been reading with your children recently? Please share with us at The Children's Bookshelf co-hosted by What Do We Do All Day, No Twiddle Twaddle, Smiling like Sunshine, Mouse Grows Mouse Learns , Mommy and Me Book Club and My Little Bookcase.

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  1. I love the Yellow Balloon book! Have you seen Bob Staake's book, "Look! A Book!" That is another fun one. I'm pinning this to TCB. :)

  2. Ooh we do love Whose is Hiding! It inspired one of our favourite loo roll crafts!

  3. We haven't seen most of these. I know my kid loves looking at Where's Waldo, but he isn't interested in actually trying to find anything yet.

  4. They looks great, I will take a look. xx

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. We just started to take an interest in Where's Waldo and I haven't heard of the others. We'll have to check them out.

  6. What a great little selection of books. We love Who's Hiding? here too.


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