Smiling like Sunshine: Review: Zoo Boo Koo Cupcake Dice

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Review: Zoo Boo Koo Cupcake Dice

Do your kids enjoy maths? We recently received this Zoo Boo Koo Cupcake Dice Game. It has been a fantastic addition to our shelves.

The Cupcake Dice Game consists of 3 cupcakes and 3 dices: 2 numbers dice and 1 maths dice with +,-,x and ahhhh! Each player rolls all three dices and works out the answer. The player with the highest score wins the round and a cup cake. My almost 6 year old loves playing it! We only do the addition and subtraction yet. If she throws a "x" , she gets to throw the dice again.

For older children there is an extender level.

Last week Defne had a cold and had to stay home from school. We enjoyed playing "maths" . I like how the toy encourages mental maths skills. There is also a dinosaur version for little ones who love their dinosaurs.

Disclosure:We recieved the toy for review purposes. This review however reflects our true and honest opinion.

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