Smiling like Sunshine: First Sewing Projects and a Review

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

First Sewing Projects and a Review

Defne loves threading and sewing.
She  was thrilled when these books popped onto our door step.
Star Felties and Forest Felties

The books contain detailed instructions to make these gorgeous felties. There is also materials for one project inside the book.

Defne traced the shapes

                                                         cut out the shapes

and then sewed it with a little help from me.

Defne didn't want to add the ears and wanted to make two lines for the eyes and mouth so ours is slightly different from the book.
She was very proud of felty and loves playing with it.

Disclaimer:The books were sent to us by Ivy Press for review purposes. This review however reflects our honest and true opinion about the books.

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  1. those are great! What age would you say for those?

  2. I think this is great for kids from 5 years.Older children can work more independently and do the more challenging projects.

  3. Oooh we have this book and it is so cute!


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