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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I heart Bedtime Blog Tour

We are delighted to a part of the beautiful children's book I Heart Bedtime Blog tour. You may know that we love love love the Martha and The Bunny Brothers I Heart School by Clara Vulliamy.
Clara's new book I Heart Bedtime is released tomorrow. We were lucky enough to  receive a review copy last week. Defne  is a great fan of Martha as she can sympathize with her very easily as a big sister.
In this book, the parents are going out and Martha is very excited about her favorite baby sitter Grace. She wants her brothers Monty and Pip to sleep as soon as possible so that she can have some special time with Grace but Martha needs to work hard to get the little ones sleepy.
I Heart Bedtime focuses on the bedtime rituals and all the things that little ones come up with to stay up late!
I don't know about your kids but Defne and Derin usually forget something downstairs and need to go back one more time!
Derin will ask for some water. If I give him his sippy cup, he will demand his glass! Or he will want his blue sippy cup not the green one! Oh and yes, they will bounce on the bed giggling until boring mummy comes and says "Okay, it's really bedtime, no more bouncing on the bed please!"
So both of them enjoyed listening to the story and looking at the beautiful illustrations.
As a mother, all I wish for my children is happiness and I love that the Martha series puts an emphasis on this.The first pages of both books introduce the reader to Martha who says: "This is a happy book all about Martha".
While they were at school, I prepared a little surprise for them: Bunny finger puppets.

Tonight we read the story twice. Then I told them that we can actually listen to the song that Martha sings to her brothers.Oh how they loved this! We listened it over and over, until I announced it is really bedtime! Then we gave each other a big bunny hug and off they went to dreamland. If you are intrigued, visit Clara's blog here. Such a lovely song, I am still singing it!

We highly recommend the book. It will be released in the UK tomorrow. You can buy a paperback copy or download it.

Disclaimer:We received the book from the publisher for review purposes. As always, we only recommend the books we truly enjoy.

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