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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mindful Parenting

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When I fell pregnant with my first baby, I spend many hours reading parenting books or blogs. Mostly about attachment parenting, natural birth, breastfeeding, co-sleeping... I enjoyed reading and writing about these subjects. I could talk about them for hours. 
As I became the mother of two and my children grew up, my interests started to change. I started reading more about the ways that can help me to connect with them at difficult times, about finding ways to stay calm and patient when everyone is tired and grumpy. 

{When Defne was 6 months old}

If you are a regular reader of my blog,you probably know that I am training as a Montessori teacher. When I started in October 2011, little did I know that it would be such a demanding journey.  Juggling two young kids and training has been very difficult at times. There has been many sleepless nights, busy days with assignments to write, meals to plan and cook, rooms to tidy up ... Many times I felt guilty while I was playing with my kids as I struggled to be there with them. Although I was there with them physically, I couldn't be there with them as I was so preoccupied with my worries and  the to-do lists  in my head.   I struggled to take care of myself whilst looking after my children and many times I  regretted that I started this course when my kids were so young. I wasn't always the mother I aspired to be and in the beginning of this year I decided to be more mindful in the ways I parent my children. 
My eldest is six year old and I know time flies and I want to  savor their childhood. I want to remember these days with joy and I want my children to learn how to handle stressful situations. Therefore I try to spend one to one time with each of them every day. Even if it is for ten minutes, I believe it is very important in establishing a daily connection, especially if it is a school day. I try to be a mindful parent by practising meditation. I try to keep a gratitude journal and I try to smile more. I have just started reading a book titled Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach for Yourself and Your Children. I have only read two chapters yet I have found it to be very inspiring. This is, obviously, a long journey and it takes time but this Mother's Day, I want to celebrate myself for trying to be a better and mindful parent.

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