Smiling like Sunshine: Music Magpie:A New Way To Recycle Old Clothes

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Music Magpie:A New Way To Recycle Old Clothes

As it is half-term holiday, we have been enjoying some lazy days at home. I always find such days are a good opportunity to declutter.
 I have done a small decluttering operation in December. However having two kids, there always seems to be some unwanted or unnecessary items around. The beginning of a new season is always a good time.
 If you find the idea of decluttering daunting, I have got a great tip for you: 5-A-Day. Simply try to find 5 items that you do not need anymore each and everyday and by the end of a week you will have 35 items! How does sound to you? This will certainly lead to some decluttering and organization !
In my house, our children grow out of their clothes and almost always, there are a couple of toys that they are not interested in anymore. I usually give our old clothes to charity but I have just learned about Music Magpie.It allows you to recycle your unwanted items whilst earning some money.

With Music Magpie it's easy to sell your old clothes for cash. Simply,use their drop down menu to enter the type of clothing (skirt,trousers,etc), the brand, the size and there you go! You can immediately get a value for your stuff. Easy peasy! Alternatively, you can use your webcam as a quick barcode scanner. How technology transforms our lives!
What is more, it is free to use their website and when it comes to sending your items, that is free as well. They also accepts DVDs, CDs,Games Tech and Electronics. So if you are organizing your home, moving or simply want to get rid of some unwanted items, consider using Music Magpie.You can choose to be paid via Bank Transfer, Cheque or E-Vouchers and even choose to donate the money to one of their chosen charities.
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This post is brought to you in conjunction with Music Magpie.