Smiling like Sunshine: {Review} Tassimo T40 Coffee Maker

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

{Review} Tassimo T40 Coffee Maker

Do you enjoy drinking coffee? Personally my consumption varies. For the last two years or so I have started drinking more coffee. Not too much, but I do love a good coffee in the morning and at night if I am studying. Some days I like drinking Turkish coffee which is very similar to espresso and some days I like an Americano that I prepare with a cafetiere.
I have never owned one of the coffee machines that are very popular nowadays. Last week,I received a Tassimo T40 and both myself and my partner have been enjoying the coffee that the machine makes.

{Tassimo T40}

Tassimo T40 looks really stylish and it is a very compact coffee maker. I like that it does not take too much space in my small kitchen. The set up of the machine is very straightforward. It is very easy to use and keep clean.
I don't know exactly how the other machines work, but the pods that contain the coffee/tea has a barcode. When you put the pod in its special place, Tassimo T40 reads that barcode. The barcode contains the information about the amount of water, brewing time etc so it is ensured that you have the perfect drink every time.

The  drink is  prepared immediately with no waiting for the machine to warm up. It takes around 45 seconds for your drink to get ready and then you can prepare a second cup for your partner or guest immediately.

The machine has an automatic mode that enables you to prepare your drink with the touch of a button. But if  like me, you find the espresso too strong, you can simply add some more water using the manual button.

The machine not only makes coffee but also hot chocolate and tea. I received two packs of t-discs with the machine: Espresso and Suchard (Chocolate Flavoured Drink). My partner always prefer espresso over coffee so he was very happy to prepare it in no time using the machine.
The mantelpiece is the perfect place for my drink when the kids are around!
 A couple of days later I bought  Costa Cappuccino t-discs from my local store and I absolutely enjoyed having a cappuccino in the comfort of my home.
Tassimo has a great variety of drinks from Kenco Coffee to Twinnings Tea, there are so many to choose from. I have found out that local grocery stores usually have two varieties so I have just ordered a variety pack that includes 22 different t discs and cannot wait for it to arrive.

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