Smiling like Sunshine: Getting Ready for the Summer

Friday, 7 June 2013

Getting Ready for the Summer

The summer holiday is approaching fast and I am slowly getting our bags ready. We haven't been to Turkey for 3 years now so we are all very excited. Shopping lists have been made: What will we take with us? What do we need to buy as presents? Which books/toys to take? The list is long I am afraid but I am sure we will manage it.
The kids are very excited about the sea. We will be meeting up with my sister's family and another friend's family who also has two kids. We will be staying at the same holiday resort so it should be good fun.We are going to the south of Turkey which is quite  hot and humid in August. We will see temperatures around 40 degrees. To be honest, I dread it but we can only go during school holidays so we need to embrace it!.
The other day I have sorted out the children's swimwear to see what they have outgrown of and if  they need anything new.
Sandals, sun hats,some beach toys, little toys and magazines for the plane trips,safe sun creams (I have written about them here in the past) , citronella for the flies are also on the list. So many things for this mama to take care of!
There are very nice swimsuits on the market with gorgeous designs. A friend of mine has just mentioned me about Zoggs, an Australian company who specializes in children's swimwear with UV protection. I know that although I will encourage the children to stay in the shade we will still  be concerned about protecting them from the dangers of the sun's rays.
Zoggs has swimwear for all the family but I especially checked out their children's swimwear . They may not be as pretty as some on the market however they look really professional and for me safety is more important than "pretty". Right now, some of the items are on sale, great value! I will need to buy one for each child.
If your kids are like mine, they will enjoy exploring what is "inside" the sea. Defne already has goggles but I will need to buy one for Derin. Zoggs claim that their kids goggles has an exceptional fit and durability. They also have Fogbuster™ anti-fog lenses – for fog free swimming.
I think Defne will be fine,she enjoys swimming however Derin is not like her. When we go to our local swimming pool, he does not like it much. It takes him quite a while to step in the water. Most of the time he will just ask to sit on the side splashing water. We have been careful about not forcing him. Zoggs has some lovely games, toys and swimming aids  to encourage children to build confidence in the water.

For instance,these Zoggy Seal Flips look very interesting. They help children to blow bubbles in the water. This eventually helps them to control their breath in the water. We will need to try them.
Zoggy Seal Flips
Are you getting ready for the summer holiday? I would love to hear your tips for the beach.

This post is brought to you in conjunction with Zoggs.

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