Smiling like Sunshine: Fun Summer Car Snacks

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fun Summer Car Snacks

It's the time of year when we're all taking to the roads with the kids in tow, finding fun places to visit and getting out and about in the sunshine. Unfortunately for us though, this means long, boring car journeys which the kids will hate even more than we do.
One thing you want to avoid when embarking on a long road trip with the kids is sugary snacks and treats, but that doesn't have to make your in-car menu boring! In this article, the team from miDrive share a few simple, healthy and mess-free recipes for your summer trip, making sure you keep the kids (and their tummies) happy!

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Natural energy boosters

Although you want to avoid your kids having an energy boost of the sugar-induced variety, naturally energy boosting foods are a great alternative. Nuts and fruit will both help to keep the kids alert and happy in the back, but we all know they're not going to get particularly excited about these snacks. Make them more appealing options by incorporating them into fun recipes. Create a trail mix with nuts, raisins and sultanas then add in some extra goodies like popcorn or dark chocolate chips. You could even add some popping candy to make it more exciting, but make sure you don't upset the sugary balance.

Fruity salad

Try making a fruity side salad for the kids to enjoy at lunch time. Salads don't have to be boring, and a fruity salad could be the perfect accompaniment to your summer picnic. Start with a base of lettuce and add some passion fruit seeds to give it a bit of a tangy taste. Melon, mango, strawberries and grapes are all great summery snacks which work really well with salads, but you can add whatever fruit you think the kids will love.

Grilled chicken pitta pockets

Pitta pockets are a great mess-free alternative to sandwiches, as they won't lose all of the filling onto the back seat. Grilled chicken is a fantastic child-friendly, healthy option and you can disguise all sorts of veggies in there too!
Alternatively, you might want to make some mini sandwich fingers to enjoy when you get the chance to have a break from the car. This way, you can use different fillings for the kids to choose from.

Veggie men

Veggie men make vegetables fun. Use cocktail sticks to make little stick men out of carrots, cucumbers and baby tomatoes. This one isn't ideal for small children because of the cocktail sticks, but older children will love making (and, hopefully, eating) them.
It's best to leave these ones for lunch when you've stopped off somewhere, as moving vehicles, kids and cocktail sticks could be a recipe for disaster!

Sweet treats

We're not going to be banishing the sweet treats completely - that would be mean. Why not try eton mess tubs, which, despite having 'mess' in their title, don't have to be messy! Mix together some natural yoghurt raspberries, strawberries and crushed up meringue, and put it all into a little container. Using frozen yoghurt for this Wimbledon inspired treat is a much healthier alternative than ice cream or double cream, but it will still taste just as good!
Remember to pack the eton mess in a freezer bag though, because, if it melts, you really will have a mess on your hands!

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