Smiling like Sunshine: The Importance of Playing with Construction Toys

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Importance of Playing with Construction Toys

Derin loves playing with blocks and I love watchim him create, explore  and play. When he was about two years old, when he got frustrated, he would throw them away. So the first thing he needed to learn was to play with them gently.  Since he turned three, he is very much into playing with blocks and I try to encourage his interest.

Blocks  develop hand-eye coordination and improve visual discrimination skills as children build towers, rockets or castles.
"Look at my rocket mummy!"
 They child can create anything he wants and explore different possibilities. They are not aware of it, but they explore mathematical and geometrical relationships as well.

"This is you mummy!"
 Through the use of blocks, they learn how to think, how to solve problems and how to concentrate and how to be creative. These are very important skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Building with Montessori Pink Tower and the Broad Stairs

Building towers

Using Montessori materials to build geometrical shapes

Building dominoes

"I made a big I and a small i!"
 I personally love sitting around Derin when he plays with his blocks. I actually read a book or do my own thing on the computer but without letting him realize it, I observe him and it is such a joy. He will usually tell me what he builds. I have written some of these under the photos for this blog as these are the things that I would love to remember.

"A Robot"
There are some great construction toys on the market, but children also love building with sticks, pebbles, marbles, sand, cotton reels, stones etc. So it is always nice to encourage them to explore different materials.


"The Sun"

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