Smiling like Sunshine: Top 5 Kids Birthday Party Ideas for 2013

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Top 5 Kids Birthday Party Ideas for 2013

Themed kids’ parties are great fun and super easy to organise, whatever your budget. You don’t have to shell out for expensive themed-packs or overpriced party kits with these top themes based on this years’ most talked about family-friendly films.
1.      Caveman Theme – The Croods
A big success at the box office, The Croods is about a prehistoric family with a knack for adventure. As for party fare, think Flintstones finger food. Chicken nuggets, veggie sticks and a selection of dips are ideal snacks for hungry cavemen. Have some fun by labelling snacks and drinks with dino-savvy nicknames, like Raptor Relish or Jurassic Juice.  As for activities for kids with a dino twist: Pin the Tail on the T-Rex, D’Ya-Think-He-Saw-Us Bluff and a dinosaur piñata should do the trick.
2.      Superhero Theme – Man of Steel
It’s difficult to avoid superhero fever when a new comic book film hits the cinemas, and little ones love to dress up, so this theme could be the perfect party idea for Superman fans. A lime jelly kryptonite will stop Superman in his tracks. Serve with Clark Kent Cream and Lois Lane lemonade for a meal fit for the man of steel himself. Fancy dress is a must for superhero parties. Children could choose to dress as their favourite hero, and you could have a costume contest and award a prize for the most original superhero idea.
3.      Blue Party – The Smurfs
Of course, you could pick your child’s favourite colour instead of blue, but as The Smurfs 2 film came out this summer, why not tie the two together. Of course, you (and the other mums) will want to avoid foods packed full of e-numbers and additives, so keep the sugar levels in check with some blue and white iced cupcakes, blueberry jam tarts and blue coloured jelly. A Smurf party wouldn’t be complete without costumes, so request that the attendees wear as much blue as possible.
4.      Fairytale-themed party – Jack the Giant Slayer
Fairytale parties always go down well with girls, and a Jack the Giant Slayer themed bash is a dead cert to appeal to wannabe action hero boys, too. Each child can enjoy decorating their own gingerbread character with smarties and icing to take home, and you could help your party guests make their own princess and prince cards using gold card and plenty of stickers.
5.      Space-themed party – Escape from Planet Earth
Throw a party that’s out of this world with an Escape from Planet Earth theme. Plan an intergalactic menu of Star Sandwiches, Martian Milkshakes and Comet Cupcakes. A moon-walking competition is a must! Also, introduce the children to moon mud – mix cornflour and water to form a fun putty that kids can play with like Play-Doh.

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