Smiling like Sunshine: Hello Autumn

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hello Autumn

We have just come back from our holiday last week and we are so excited to be back. We had a great time visiting our families and friends in Turkey.

We spend many days on the beach swimming, playing, sun bathing, building castles,islands ... The kids absolutely loved it. Playing by the beach is such a sensorial experience and the children learn so many things feeling the breeze, the sand, the sea. I am so grateful for the time we had.

 When we came back, we were very happy to find a packet that was sent by the lovely people at Family Camping Reviews. They are running a campaign called Unearth The Outdoors Kid. The aim of the campaign is helping children reconnect with nature. The campaigners draw attention to the fact that

 In the history of mankind we have never spent as little time outdoors as we do now. As technology as increased the time we spend outdoors has decreased and continues to decrease every day. We now hold unfortunate label has been the fattest and most confined human beings to ever grace this wonderful world. In the UK child obesity continues to climb but even more concerning is the fact that our children are now the unhappiest in the developed world.
Therefore it is time to get out there and help children reconnect with nature.

As you know, we love spending time outdoors and these little surprises will help us have more fun and gain new experiences. Autumn is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and explore the nature. So we are looking forward to that time.

Tomorrow, it is back to school for Defne. Derin's nursery is opening next Monday. I will be starting my teaching practise next week as well. So it is going to be quite busy at Smiling Like Sunshine Head Quarters.
Next week, I am going to share some mapping activities. Have a lovely weekend!

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