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Monday, 9 September 2013

StorkUp {Social Shopping}

Today I am collaborating with  StorkUp, a brand  new shopping platform for parents,
set up by two mums who wanted to make shopping for their kids simple and fun.
The founders of Stork Up say that they want to change the way mums shop for their
children by bringing them the very best retailers, all in one place! Signing up to Stork Up is super easy, you can log in using your Facebook or Twitter account if you wish to do so.
If you use Pinterest, perhaps like me, you will find the design of their website very similar. You can sort the products by popularity or create lists.
Some of my favourite products:

Astronaut  Bed Set

Rainbow dress
Hape Rainbow Curves Stacking  Toy

Silhouette Rompers

There is  an online community where you can chat with likeminded people. You can also follow their blog, where you can read about shops of the week and enter giveaways.
On StorkUp you’ll find quirky, unique products that are not available everywhere; therefore today's post is centered around my own children's quirks and how wonderfully unique they all are.

  • Derin is very conscious about what he wears. He loves funky and colourful clothes. There has been a few items of clothing that he refused to wear. I won't be be surprised if he becomes a designer!
  • Derin, is a very picky eater. He will just look at his table and will decide whether or not to eat that food without tasting, just by looking at it. (I hope he will grow out of it)
  • As much as I try to encourage it, Derin doesn't quite like messy play. For now, he likes playing with shaving foam or bubbles, but he won't touch any other things like gloop. 
  • When he wants to do painting, he always refuses putting an apron on.
  • Derin loves his socks, he wants to wear them even on the hottest summer days!
  • Defne will usually leave the last  bite of her sandwich on her plate.
What are your children's quirks?

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