Smiling like Sunshine: Contact Lenses:The Healthy Approach

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Contact Lenses:The Healthy Approach

I have been using contact lenses for more than 10 years now. Once you get used to, they are so practical and make your life much easier. Today, I have a guest poster who shares some important points about how to use contact lenses.

There's often a tendency among contact lens users to grow somewhat complacent over time with eye care. It's understandable: dealing with a prescription for corrective vision is simply one more monotonous medical element of your life to keep up with, and it's not exactly exciting to schedule those regular appointments with the optician. Nonetheless, it's important to remember that regular eye examinations and even prescription updates are very important for people wearing contact lenses.

To begin with, users should never wear corrective lenses without having their vision checked and analyzed by a professional optician. Just as you would never purchase a new Toyota without first speaking to a knowledgeable car salesman, it's important to discuss your vision needs and preferences with a professional, rather than simply ordering lenses on your own. The wrong prescription - even if it's only slightly off - can cause your eyes to strain harmfully, and over time there can even be health risks to improper lenses.

Choosing the right lenses is just as important as getting the right prescription, and also requires professional assistance. In an expansive section on eye health, the Acuvue reference site details some of the concerns that you should keep in mind when picking out lenses: namely, your lifestyle, the need to choose lenses that allow proper oxygen to reach your eyes, and any specific health needs or requirements your eyes might have. An optician can help you to choose the right lenses based on these factors in a single appointment, and if necessary can refer you to an ophthalmologist if specific health concerns become clear following a basic exam.

Once you get set up with a pair of lenses that suits your prescription, lifestyle and comfort needs, the issue of complacency becomes the main threat to eye health. And it's not just about properly washing hands, cleaning lenses, and storing them. It's also highly recommended that you return on a regular, defined schedule to visit your optician. For many eye patients, an annual appointment suffices, but the frequency of your appointments should be determined by the optician. Additionally, it's important to cycle out your lenses (daily, monthly, or whatever other type you wear) as directed - even if your lenses feel fine a week past expiration, they still have deposits building up on them (even when cleaned properly), which can result in keeping oxygen away from your eyes. Holding onto your lenses too long will usually result in discomfort, and can lead to health issues.

Ultimately, the important thing to remember is to involve your optician on a consistent basis. The right pair of contact lenses can truly improve your lifestyle, but this is one area in which you should never go it alone with preparation or care. 

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