Smiling like Sunshine: Create the Best Sleep Environment for you & your Family

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Create the Best Sleep Environment for you & your Family

Whatever age you are, sleep is important. Sleep helps with brain development for children while a good night’s sleep can also help to improve the day to day activity of our brain – helping both children and adults to concentrate and remain focused throughout the day. The importance of a good night’s sleep is second to none, as adults we should get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, with kids requiring between 10 – 12 hours of sleep. Due to daily stresses and household distractions many of us do not get enough sleep – greatly affecting our overall wellbeing as a result.

One way of improving your chances of drifting off into a peaceful night’s sleep night after night is to turn your bedroom into the ultimate sleep environment.

Children can become easily distracted by their toys and games, meaning that there is a nightly struggle to get your children in bed, on time. Children’s bedroom furniture that provides ample storage space to hide away toys and games should help reduce any bedtime distractions. There are a number of great children’s beds by Steens Highsleeper which allow you to store toys under the tall bedframe. It is also advisable to give children a regular bedtime routine, such as a bath and then reading them a bedtime story – when they become familiarised with this routine they will be less likely to break the routine by playing with their toys once they are comfy in bed.

We adults can also be guilty of staying up much later than we ought to – all because of distractions such as television and our mobile phones. Before going to bed, you should decide on a wind down time which can be 30 minutes or so where you do not use technology – this will help your body relax and make it much easier for you to fall into a natural sleep. Don’t be tempted to keep your mobile phone on your bedside table as this may mean that you will use it in the night, further cutting into your sleep time as a result.

For a peaceful night’s sleep, you shouldn’t have a television in your bedroom. The bedroom should be centred around sleep – helping to further avoid distractions. Choosing a luxury bed should focus your bedroom completely on sleep and Hasena designer beds are just the ticket. Remember to regularly flip your mattress and, if needed, opt for a memory foam mattress topper to provide cushioning and support for your body – ideal for those who struggle to get into a comfortable sleeping position.

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