Smiling like Sunshine: Living Room Decorating Tips

Friday, 1 November 2013

Living Room Decorating Tips

The living room is the room where the whole family hangs out in, so it is certainly a room that you want to pay the most attention to when decorating your home. Whether you are redecorating your living room or simply buying new furniture, you should make sure that your décor choices match the requirements of your entire family to ensure a comfortable room that everyone can enjoy chilling out in.

 The first thing to think about is a colour scheme, if you have quite a small living room choosing a dark colour theme such as a deep red or bold purple could overpower the room – leaving it feeling much smaller. It is best to decorate small rooms in light colours and then use accents such as pillows and photo frames to add colour. Larger living rooms are better for experimenting with colour – such as by applying one wall with wallpaper to create a feature wall.

Now that the décor is taken care of, you can decide on what furniture you would like to add to the room. If you have young children it is a good idea to choose a sofa that can put up with all kinds of wear and tear – sofas and armchairs that are made from easy clean or wipe clean materials are a godsend if kids get messy with crayons or happen to spill any food or drink.

As well as the television, one of the central features to any living room is the fireplace. Stylish gas fire baskets or stoves can make a real décor statement to the room while providing your home with warmth. You can still enjoy the charm of a fireplace even if you have younger children – a sturdy fire guard will protect exploring youngsters from going near the hot fireplace. For homes that don’t have a chimney, quality electric fires can be used to warm your home while still offering the interior design flair that you find with wood or gas fireplaces and stoves.

If you are adding additional furniture to the room such as coffee tables or bookcases, remember to still keep a space free for kids to have a play area – the whole family will feel welcome in the room if there is somewhere for adults to relax as well as a place where kids can play with their toys.

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