Smiling like Sunshine: Pregnancy Countdown-Looking After your Feet

Monday, 4 November 2013

Pregnancy Countdown-Looking After your Feet

If it’s your first pregnancy, it’s likely that you won’t expect feet to be of particular concern but those who have already had children will be the first to tell you that your feet can be subjected to plenty of wear and tear throughout those nine months.

 Your feet and ankles can swell during pregnancy, and most women have frequent foot pain which is caused by your body coping with the additional weight. This timeline will help you care for your feet during pregnancy and even after your baby has arrived…

First Trimester
When you find out you’re pregnant you already know that now is the time to start taking care of yourself. Due to the extra weight that you will gain, your feet will have to cope with more pressure – so it is time to say goodbye to those high heels. Flat shoes with cushioning soles should be worn throughout pregnancy. If you don’t want to change your shoes, placing supporting orthotic insoles into your shoes can provide comfort and stability for achy feet.

Second Trimester
 During the first and second trimesters your body will quickly put on weight, this can put extra strain on your foot’s plantar fascia – the thick band of tissue that runs on the bottom of our feet, connecting the heel to the ends of the toes. The extra weight that you are carrying can put strain on the plantar fascia, causing a condition called ‘Plantar Fasciitis’. One brand that can ease this foot condition through supporting and cushioning the foot are Vionics. Comfortable and stylishVionic sandals combine innovative foot motion technology with contemporary designs to provide you with stylish yet supportive footwear.

Third Trimester
 Most women can find that their feet and ankles swell during pregnancy, with some women finding it is particular worse during the third trimester. Swelling is caused by the body’s heightened hormone levels. You may find that simply switching to wide fit shoes can provide support and comfort for swollen feet, while some women may prefer the cushioning soles of orthotic footwear. Specialists in footwear Simply Feet offer orthotic footwear and wide fit footwear to cater to a range of foot conditions, shop online at Simply Feet to discover this season’s latest footwear designs as well as foot care treatments.

After Pregnancy
During pregnancy most women can find that their feet have grown – with feet growing half a size on average. While foot swelling will attribute to some of this foot growth, once the swelling goes down you may find that your pre-pregnancy shoes just don’t fit anymore – this is because ligaments in your feet will loosen during pregnancy, causing your feet to spread. Some may find this a permanent change so shoes in a larger size will be needed. If you still suffer with foot pain or plantar fasciitis after pregnancy it is recommended that you continue to wear orthotic shoes or cushioning insoles to help ease any pain.

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