Smiling like Sunshine: Ollie and Leila {Children's Furniture}

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ollie and Leila {Children's Furniture}

If you are following this blog, you probably know that I do have a soft spot for children's rooms. It is a quite hard decision decorating the children's rooms. You want to make effective choices that will accommodate to your needs as your child grows.

Ollie and Leila is a new to me company that has a great range of children's furniture.They have beds,furniture,mattresses,accessories as well as storage and bedding.
Ollie and Leila have nine  collections of children’s furniture and bedroom accessories. 
If you like a classic look, you might enjoy their oak furnitures.
If you want a funky look, you must check out their Smartie Pants collections. They have a lovely variety of girls beds.

Having chosen the main furniture is the difficult bit. When you have come to a decision, it is an enjoyable job to decorate the room with accessories.

Belsize Park  Large 6 Cube Storage

Rugs, cushions and bedding all have an effect on the general look of the bedroom and I like the range Ollie and Leila offers.
girls bedroom furniture available online

Right now, they have a good sale. So if you are looking for delivery before Christmas, I highly recommend checking out their website.

This post is brought to you in conjunction with Ollie and Leila.
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