Smiling like Sunshine: Exploring Van Gogh with Children

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Exploring Van Gogh with Children

One of our aims for 2014, is to explore an artist each month. In January we read books about Van Gogh. We have this lovely Mini Masters board books ( I reviewed them here before.)
We talked about the colours and techniues he used. I asked Defne what she felt looking at the pictures.We talked about Van Gogh's life. Defne was very surprised to hear that it was only after his death that he became a famous artist.
I came across this book at a charity shop a couple of months ago: My Art Book by DK that encourages children to create their own versions of famous artists' paintings.

We also explored his pictures on the Google Culture Institute. I then asked if she would like to try her hand at one of Van Gogh's paintings. This is what she came up with. She used oil pastels and enjoyed mixing the colours.
I like how she made a combination of the Starry Night and the Flowers in Vase.

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