Smiling like Sunshine: Book Review:Mamoko

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Book Review:Mamoko

We recently received a book for review which has instantly become Derin's most popular book :

 Mamoko is the kind of book that has no words in it but lets you get interactive.You are supposed to pick up a few characters and follow their story. The illustrations are quirky and interesting. Mamoko is the name of the town where the events take place.
Below is the first two pages of the book that introduce the characters.
 Sometimes it happens that the two characters we have chosen come across and help out each other or go somewhere together. It is a good book for developing the children's language in a fun way. Both Derin(4yo) and Defne (7yo) love this book.

Mamoko is published by Big Picture Press and they have very interesting books that you can check out here.

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