Smiling like Sunshine: Counting up to 100 {Montessori Maths}

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Counting up to 100 {Montessori Maths}

Derin has been showing a great interest in counting and he has been working with the Montessori maths materials that help children count up to 100.

This golden chain is called the hundred chain and the child counts the beads placing the arrows as he counts. This work needs a lot of concentration and he enjoys it. In fact he really wants to work with the thousand chain which is very long!

The material below is the Hundred Board. The child places the stamps as s/he counts. When they have a good understanding of counting and number recognition, they create patterns using the tiles and can also do skip counting. 

I help Derin group the numbers, then he is able to count and put them on the board.

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