Smiling like Sunshine: Spring Cleaning

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner and it is that time of the year : Spring Cleaning.
As I have been working part time and doing my teaching practice at the same time, this year I don't have much time to spend on the housework. I therefore need to get organized and do this job in a couple of weeks.
I will make a plan to organize and clean one room on my day off each week.
I am hoping to sort out the cupboards and giveaway the stuff that I have already sorted out! I just can't seem to find a time to take all the unneeded stuff to the charity shop BUT I really must get on with it.
I am hoping to wash all the sofa covers, cushions and quilts. I hope the weather holds so I can dry them in the garden.
Another big job is washing all the quilts and bed covers. We have also realized that after 11 years of marriage, we need to change our mattress. It had served us well in all those years and I think it is time for a change. There are so many options in the market and it is a difficult decision but we have decided to check out the mattresses available  here.
Rotating the toys is another job that I do, observing my children's interests. During this time I will put away the ones  that are no longer played with and  the ones that will capture their interest will be back on the shelves. Sometimes even changing the place of the toys seem to spark their interest.
The curtains will also need a wash. I am really looking forward to a fresh beginning during these months. So I might also change the living room curtains. Let's see.
Looking forward to a sunny spring!

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