Smiling like Sunshine: Sponsored Video: Robinsons Tennis-y Tips with Jody Murray

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sponsored Video: Robinsons Tennis-y Tips with Jody Murray

This summer is full of excitement and sport events thanks to the World Cup and the Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments. It is lovely to spend together as a family while eating some nibbles and having a drink or two. Four year old Derin gets very excited as he has never watched matches before. He finds it pretty amusing that adults run after a ball and do fall over! Very interesting for us to observe the events from the children’s points of view as well.
It is a great opportunity to encourage the children to try various sports and develop their gross motor skills whilst having lots of fun. Defne is very keen to start learning tennis but this has not been possible yet as she has some other activities to do. Hopefully we will get a chance for her to try it out soon.
Both Defne and Derin are very energetic active children. We spend a lot of time outdoors in the parks and playgrounds where the children play freely. Obviously they do various sorts of sport activities at school, too. Our garden is small so we don't tend to do activities such as obstacle courses but this video below actually gave me some ideas about how to use this small space to have some more fun. It is all about being a bit more creative really.
Judy Murray, tennis coach and mum to two Wimbledon champions, shows you the skills to enhance your tennis game, hidden in fun family games!

Robinsons, one of the official suppliers  of Wimbledon, have an interesting videos on their  website. Visit Robinsons Play Thirsty to get more tennis-y tips.

This post is sponsored by Robinsons, all thoughts are our own.

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