Smiling like Sunshine: Story Stones

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Story Stones

I have recently made some story stones for the children.
I really enjoyed drawing different pictures on the pebbles. My children joined in as well. You could collect pebbles from a beach or if this is not possible, look out for pebbles in garden centres. I happened to come across these at a pound shop. I used Giotto Decor Pens that Baker Ross has sent to me for review purposes. I really like these pens; they have a nice selection of colours. They are very easy to apply,not messy. Best of all, I could wipe them off using baby wipes if I was not happy with my drawing.
The paint tends to chip so I coated the stones with nail varnish and voila!

Older children (from around the age of 4) can come up with their own stories or games.Younger children may find this a bit difficult. It is a good idea to give them a starter sentence, for example "and  then came along a little blue bird". The idea is to get them to talk, to describe and to string sentences.

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