Smiling like Sunshine: Book Review { I Heart Holidays by Clara Vulliamy}

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Book Review { I Heart Holidays by Clara Vulliamy}

Guess what happened two weeks ago? A marvellous new book was delivered to Smiling like Sunshine Headquarters. I had already told the children that Martha and The Bunny Brothers are coming back with a new book and since then we have been reading this book every single night at bedtime. Not only this, but also I Heart Bedtime.

There is something very special in these books: Based on the stories of three siblings, they are happy books that cheer you up.

 Clara Vulliamy's illustrations are beautiful. She definitely knows and understands children's feelings and thoughts and reflects it in such a manner that children find something from themselves in her stories. 

In this book, Martha and The Bunny Brothers go on a holiday. Now, as the summer holiday is approaching Defne and Derin  has started asking when we are going on holiday. Last summer, we went on holiday as a big group: Some friends who have two children and my sister and her family. All together there were five children and they had such a great time that  Defne and Derin cannot wait to go back to the same place this summer.
The things that happen in the book are therefore very familiar, hence the book has been much loved. Derin's favourite part is where Martha and the Bunny Brothers play the "yellow car game."

 Defne finds it hilarious that Pip says "lellow". Defne's favourite part is where Martha doesn't know which ice cream to choose as they are all so yummy! 

Martha, as a big sister to two mischievous brothers, knows how to guide them and how to get along with them. I think Defne can also relate to this.

Having read all the three books in the series, I recognized the patterns Clara uses. I think the children also sense these patterns and they like this familiarity.  This is how the story begins in all three of the books:

Derin loves these pages Martha tells us what they each have for breakfast or lunch.

The parents of the bunnies don't make an appearance in the previous books but this time we get to see the Dad, just a little bit!

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Disclaimer:We received a review copy of the book from the publisher. All thoughts are our own.

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