Smiling like Sunshine: Five Fun Theme Ideas for Your Outdoor Area

Friday, 18 July 2014

Five Fun Theme Ideas for Your Outdoor Area

 Summer’s not too far away, which is great because that means we can party without having to worry about the looming spectre of hypothermia! When you’ve got guests coming over it’s important to cook up a storm, so head on over to to make sure you’ve got the gear you need. And if you really want your party to stand out from the crowd, a great idea is giving it an original theme! Follow this handy guide listing five fun theme ideas for your outdoor area and get a little bit of inspiration, so the next party you organise is one that people are going to be talking about for years to come.

Game of Thrones

It’s time to capitalise on the popularity of the book/HBO show before it goes out of fashion, and setting your backyard up like a Game of Thrones scene provides the perfect opportunity. Maybe get your guests to dress up as their favourite Game of Thrones characters, serve some Game of Thrones themed entrees, maybe even download the latest Game of Thrones episode and screen it at your party.


Revisit the decade of flares, hair and zero-cares, with a 70’s themed outdoor area. It’s a great excuse to dust off some old, iconic pieces of retro memorabilia will really give the party a nice time-travel aspect. And let’s be honest – if you don’t have a kitted out Delorean it’s probably the only chance you’re going to have to go back to the 70’s any time soon.

James Bond

Upgrade your party-hosting abilities from 00-zero to 00-hero with a James Bond themed outdoor area. Why not reimagine an evil henchmen’s lair or MI5 headquarters on your patio? Get the guys to dress up in classic Bond suits and the ladies to dress up as their favourite bond girls. Soon you won’t feel like you’re hosting a barbeque, you’ll feel like you’re on Your Majesty’s Secret Service.


It has to be Halloween to justify Halloween party decorations right? Wrong! Give you house a spooky vibe and send chills down your guests spines with a Halloween-themed outdoor area. One great advantage is that you can pass off any untaken care-off cobwebs as subtle, decorative design. And if you want to keep your guests on their toes, why not schedule this Halloween barbeque for March!


This party will go so well you’ll never be a lone ranger on Saturday night again! Unleash your inner-Clint Eastwood and turn your porch into the set of a spaghetti western with stools transformed into hitching posts and if you’re handy you can even jig up some sort of saloon door apparatus. Be careful though – as host it’s your responsibility to make sure there aren’t any Mexican standoffs that break out!
What do you think of this list? Are there any additional outdoor settings you would suggest? Do you agree with all the tips? Leave any questions, comments and suggestions in the section below and thanks for reading.

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