Smiling like Sunshine: Planning my trip to Istanbul with

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Planning my trip to Istanbul with

It has been quite a while since our last visit to Istanbul, one of my favourite cities , so we have been thinking about going to Istanbul during the Easter holidays. I know that  trips during Christmas and Easter can be very pricey therefore I have chosen  to find the cheapest flights for me. As  we are a family of four, ticket prices are very important for us.
When I type in Istanbul in Easter 2015 in the search box, Amadeus offers to show me the flights from London to Istanbul in April or the plans related to Istanbul. How fabulous is that?

If I click on the flights option, it shows me all the flights available at that time including the price trends.

If you scroll down, you can see the price trends and the average temperature at that time of the year, very handy.

The smart filter option gives me the ability to filter the results so that I can choose direct flights , maximum price or duration and preferred airlines.You can also sort the results by inbound/outbound duration, price,arrival/departure time latest to soonest etc. This sorting system definitely saves me time as I can easily see which flights match my crcriteria. With the children, we always prefer the direct flights. British Airways offers the cheapest price at £164.
If I choose the option to see the plans ( there is only one saved plan about Istanbul), I can view a plan that was created by another member. This plan is likely to include information that will be useful for me. So I want to view it.

As you can see, this user has saved the best prices from London to Istanbul.

I can also add different links to my own plan that I have named Istanbul. Instead of taking notes about various places that I want to visit in Istanbul, I can add the websites of these places directly to my plan. So everything I want to remember for my trip will be in one single place. Cool! If I choose to make my plan “Public”, then other users will be able to see it,too. is in intermediate phase.It has some excellent tools  but there is more to come. Have you got any plans for the upcoming holidays? October half-term is only a couple of weeks away  and if you would like to plan your own holiday, visit to see your options.

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