Smiling like Sunshine: 5 Tips for Getting Boys Interested in Arts and Crafts

Saturday, 18 October 2014

5 Tips for Getting Boys Interested in Arts and Crafts

 As my first child is a girl and has always shown an interest in arts and crafts from very early on, I felt  somewhat helpless when my son Derin was not showing much interest in this kind of activity.
I was not expecting him to draw or paint extraordinary pictures but I wanted him to enjoy the process of creating something as well as developing some skills. Along the way I found some "tricks" to encourage him.

  • Setting up the table for both children and giving Derin different materials than a blank paper to work with. In this picture he is painting a paper plate.

  • Here we used the candles to drip on the paper and then painted on them using water colours. Again, this interesting activity captured his interest so much. We also had a chance to talk about  safety with candles.

  • Moulding clay or playdough is perfect for strengthening the finger muscles. Derin enjoys creating sculptures with clay.

  • Being a role model is so important,too. One day I was preparing three part cards for the preschool where I work. As I was cutting the cards, Derin saw me and asked for a scissors. He had had difficulty with it, but then he sat with me cutting all this.

  • Setting up invitations on the table works better than asking him if he wants to draw or paint. 

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