Smiling like Sunshine: Online Bargains

Saturday, 25 October 2014 Online Bargains

I have recently worked with as part of their blogger outreach programme. is a free website that  tracks price drops from online retailers so can be used to help you find the best deals on the web.
I suppose  most children enjoy playing with Lego. My children are the same. Derin, almost five years old now, has been more interested in playing with Legos. As  a boy, he loves playing with cars. Any Lego set that contains cars is perfect for him.  When Suppose asked me to review one of their products I chose the Lego City Coast Guard 60012  which is down to £7.98 instead of £14.99.

Everyone  loves a good deal and I assume we all try to compare the prices when we want to buy something. Suppose is a website that tracks prices from major retailers so that you don't have to worry about it. You can  get free alert when a price drops on an item that you are watching. There is also access to pricing history for products which is very useful.

The product was delivered super fast and my little boy was delighted with his toy one afternoon when he came back from school.

I highly recommend this website before you do any online shopping as every little bit helps.

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