Smiling like Sunshine: Essential Stroller Accessories

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Essential Stroller Accessories

Every year in the run up to the new year, I try to make some time to go through each room to sort all the stuff that are not used any more. Some need to be donated, recycled and some need to be put away for future use.
This year I have got the  stroller  that has been in the cupboard for quite a while. Maclaren Buggies in UK  are very popular. Ours  has served us very well over the last five years.
Derin is in Reception now. We haven't used the buggy for about eight months  and I think it is high time  to give it away now.

I have to admit that I have enjoyed being stroller free,nonetheless it was a must-have item in our lives. I thought  I would share the essential pushchair accessories with you today.
  1. Raincovers are a must have item. In time, they get damaged. Make sure you replace it with another one that is designed specifically to fit your brand.
  2. Footmuffs are excellent to keep little ones nice and warm. My youngest did not want me to use them therefore I always kept a baby blanket under the buggy.I used to cover him with the blanket once he fell asleep.
  3. I did not have one but I think it would be nice to have a cup holder for your coffee/ tea cup.
  4. A hook to carry the grocery bags.These are excellent especially if your buggy does not have much space underneath.
  5. Buggy board if you have an older child who is in that tricky stage: Old enough to walk but gets tired soon.
  6. Toys and books that are tucked under the buggy always come in handy when the child is bored.
  7. I have never used them but some people swear by the sun and sleep covers that make the environment dark and thus makes the transition to sleep easier.
  8. Sheepskin liners are really appreciated by some parents. They look nice and cosy. At some point I had considered buying one but my little one is a bit sensitive and I decided he might not enjoy it.
  9. Parent Organiser: Another item that I did not have but I think it can be very practical to have something to put bits and pieces. 
What are your essential stroller accessories?

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