Smiling like Sunshine: Get Safe online this Christmas

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Get Safe online this Christmas

It’s easy to be a bit blasé about internet security, especially with present buying season coming up. Online shopping is so widespread these days that people have gotten used to the thought of one-click buys everything and tend to forget that behind all the apparent simplicity, the internet remains a pretty risky place for the naive or unwary shopper.

Online fraud is a problem that refuses to go away. According to figures released by Financial Fraud Action UK, fraud cost the British taxpayer more than £600m in 2013. Unfortunately, criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated, employing methods as varied as malware, identity theft and card skimming to target people as they shop online.

The thing about fraud though, is that awareness really helps; the more people who know about a scam the less effective the scam is. With that in mind, NatWest has produced a new How to Fight Fraud Tool which is available for everyone to use on both the RBS and NatWest websites. 

An easy to follow breakdown of all the most common cons, swindles and rip-offs, the aim is to help consumers understand the tactics that criminals are using, and more importantly, learn how to protect themselves.

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