Smiling like Sunshine: Tricks to Create More Living Space on a Small Lot

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Tricks to Create More Living Space on a Small Lot

The average house block size has reduced dramatically over the past twenty years. With the average lot size just 415sqm in some metropolitan cities, we have had to get savvier in building and landscaping to make the most of the space without having to make major lifestyle sacrifices. Read on to find out some handy tips and tricks for living large on a small house block.

Choose The Right Builder

The modern dream is the double garage, four bedroom, two bathroom masonry brick house but in its traditional form, that house design just won’t work on a small block. That doesn’t mean you need to completely downsize though, you just need to choose a builder who will work with you to create a design that suits the land and your lifestyle. Visit some display properties by some of the more innovative home builders like Coral Homes to get an idea of what’s possible in a small space.

Use Zones Instead of Rooms

Cordoning off sections of indoor or outdoor space with walls, screens and fences can make an already small area seem even more cramped. To make the most of the room you have, keep the layout open plan but divide the space into separate zones. Inside, things like paint colour and furniture placement can help to create a multi-function room. Outside, building a raised deck not only gives you a space to relax but it also gives the illusion of having more space by creating a visual separation between your lawn or garden and the entertainment area.
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Say No to Busyness

Stow away any items that you don’t use every day and remove any bulky soft furnishings like heavy drapes on the windows. Even though storage space may be at a premium in a small home, clutter can make an area seem even smaller than it is. Keep the colours simple inside and out and try to pick a theme or style to carry throughout the whole property; trying to incorporate too many decorating elements can limit the ‘flow’ of your rooms and make them seem even smaller.

Let the Light In

Maximise both natural and artificial lighting. You may need to get creative; while some lights are specifically there to illuminate a room, others are there for impact. Skylights and feature lamps can really help to create ambience and make the rooms seem larger. Outside, your lighting doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Lanterns or fairly lights can help throw soft light across your whole yard area to prevent dark pockets and corners making the space feel even smaller.
Small housing lots can bring big challenges when it comes to building a home that allows you the space and freedom to live your dream lifestyle. With a good house design and some creative thinking for your decorating and landscaping, you can really stretch out the space you have.
What are your building tips to make the most of a small plot of land?
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