Smiling like Sunshine: DIY Montessori Secret Box

Friday, 23 January 2015

DIY Montessori Secret Box

Montessori Secret Boxes are a great resource to get beginner readers confident in reading in silence: without the need to sound out the letters.
As with most Montessori materials these boxes are colour coded: For example for the pink level, there will be a pink box containing words printed/written on pink paper.
We are not homeschooling but I like to support my children's learning with Montessori activities at home so I did not adhere to these "rules".

Here is how I prepared our DIY secret box:

I used an old jewellery box 
I wrote blue and green level words on strips of paper

Folded strips in the box

Children love to open the folded papers and read the "secret" words.

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