Smiling like Sunshine: Cooking with Kids: An A to Z Series

Monday, 2 February 2015

Cooking with Kids: An A to Z Series

Cooking with kids is an excellent activity to do with them: Not only they are learning some practical life skills, they are learning about food, where it comes from, how it is prepared and so on but also you get to spend a lovely time together.
I know in today's busy life, some parents don't really want to do this as it takes more time and can be messy but it is so so important. Children are capable of learning basic skills at  a young age. With cooking activities they develop their concentration, dexterity and independence.
As a Montessori teacher I always try to encourage my children to help me in the kitchen but I, too, am guilty of not having enough time.
Tomorrow  we are kicking off a new series with some of my blogger friends which will be a great opportunity for encouraging us to cook more with our children.

Cooking with Kids: An A to Z Series

We will share recipes that you can cook with your kids, working through key ingredients in an alphabetic order, bringing you a complete A to Z of family-friendly recipes for you and your kids to enjoy.

Please come back tomorrow to read our posts  in the Cooking with Kids Series :A is for ....

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