Smiling like Sunshine: Montessori Inspired Preposition Activity

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Montessori Inspired Preposition Activity

Here is a new grammar game that I prepared for Derin (5yo). This activity supports children's prepositional language. Around the age of five, we tend to think that the children know all about these words. However some of them can be tricky for some children.

So I used two objects from our dolls house: A baby figure and a chair. Then I prepared the cards. Normally,in a Montessori environment, all the cards are colour coded according to Montessori grammer materials. However we aren't planning to delve into the grammar so I used blank cards as I am using this at home with my son only.

I have laid out the cards to build a sentence and placed the baby behind the chair.
 All the cards with prepositions are placed on the left hand side.

Next we chose the card that says "in front of" and positioned the baby accordingly.
As you may have noticed children have a sensitivity for small objects so the dollshouse miniatures are of interest to them. You can use different objects such as a teddy bear and a cardboard box or whatever you have around your home and make your own activity.

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