Smiling like Sunshine: Sponsored Post:World Baking Day

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sponsored Post:World Baking Day

Remember my post about World Baking Day. Well, the time has come and I spent this morning baking two brownies as I have intended. One for us and one for our elderly neighbor.The recipe can be found here.
As I have been baking this brownie for a while, I know the recipe by heart. Luckily it only requires 7 ingredients.

Today I didn't let the kids know in advance that I was baking. They came to the kitchen and asked me if I was baking something. Love that moment!

When the cakes were done, we let it cool a bit. Once ready, I told the kids that we would take it to the elderly neighbor. He is a lovely man who chats with the children. Most mornings we see him on the way to school and he advises the children not to play the teachers up.
The children loved the idea. They were super excited each wanted to carry the cake. At last we agreed that I would carry it!
Unfortunately he wasn't at home! So we decided to take it to a friend who lives close by. They were surprised to see us at the door with the cake. Who doesn't love a home made cake? Better yet, someone brings it to you out of the blue! We are all so busy with our own lives. Little things like this make such a difference,don't they! It is a grate feeling making someone else happy. The bonus is that making someone else happy makes you happy. I think the idea behind World Baking Day is lovely. I will try and surprise some other friends very soon although the next World Baking Day is next year!
If you would like to join in with The World Baking Day and make bake your own happy cake, visit World Baking Day website . You can also follow them on Pinterest,Twitter,Instagram and Facebook.

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