Smiling like Sunshine: Bagsy me on the top bunk!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Bagsy me on the top bunk!

Children’s bedrooms are an enigma, they should be simple enough.
It is a room. It has a bed in it. The child sleeps in it. You sleep in yours.
Right? Wrong…
If a child has a bedroom they may perplexingly prefer to sleep in your bedroom, so how can you change this baffling habit? One of the tactics is to create a themed bedroom. If you have two children and space is tight the obvious choice is a bunk bed, a bunk bed to a child can represent a sunken galleon or spaceship and the variety of designs on offer can now engage them more than ever.

 If you have a boy then if you decide on a theme you could go through several stages, it could start with ‘Bob the Builder’ and then move into the recently re-launched ‘Thunderbirds’. Deciding to mirror brands or the latest programme can be risky as they suddenly decide they no longer like the programme or they have grown out of it. A good approach is to have strong themes such as space, underwater or a volcano, this can help ensure that they actually use the space in their room to its potential. A lot of houses seem smaller than they are as most time is spent in the front room and the kitchen, by making bedrooms more appealing you can ‘stretch’ the living space so you are not all on top of each other and getting on each other nerves.

 For a boy why not get the traditional image of the racetrack and use graphics to trail the track up the walls and even on the ceiling, this creates a 3D look. This idea will also stand the test of time as interest in racing should be re-invigorated by an interest in Formula 1. For girls move away from the stereotype pinks by using innovative lighting ideas and soft tones which (once again) lend itself to a look which will last longer than the beheaded Barbie and Sindy dolls that are now gathering dust in the loft.

 What if you have two children (even of opposing sex) who simply refuse to agree on a theme, what do you do then? Obviously to maximise room its best to look into a bunkbed, BedStar have a range of bunkbeds which can reduce the stress and gives some separation with your children. There are also ‘Triple Sleeper’ beds where the bottom bunk is for older children, which gives them more independence. Some beds have tables and mini office areas underneath them which also improves the versatility.

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