Smiling like Sunshine: Low Cost Decoration Ideas

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Low Cost Decoration Ideas

Queens Park House : Eclectic style living room by Honeybee Interiors
Photo Credit:Honeybee Interiors/Homify
It is nearly Halloween and before you know it will be Christmas and New Year!  If you have been thinking about some redecoration around the home, now is the time to do it. It doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money in the run up to the holiday season! We have got some simple, frugal tips that will hopefully give you some inspiration.
  1. Mix and match patterns and colours: You don't need to shy away from bold colours or patterns. Mix and match them to reflect your style and it will instantly create an excitement in your room.
  2. If you love reading, create a reading corner or even a nook! A comfy armchair, a throw and a book table can cozy up your house and you will be happier,too!
  3. Create a display wall and showcase your favourite photos, prints, your children's artwork,plates or whatever you fancy. You might choose to only frame black and white photos or rectangle/circle frames or you might want to create an eclectic style.
  4. Jazz up your dining room with wallpapers. If you consider wallpapers belonged to the 1980s, think again! From shabby chic to modern, there are so many different prints to choose from!You don't have to use on all walls. Using it on just one wall, created a different atmosphere and brightens up the room. Again, it is important that it goes well with  your furniture and the general style you want to create in your room.
    Catherine Rose Pink Wallpaper : by Cabbages & Roses
    Photo Credit:Catherine Rose/Homify
  5. Look at your room, think about all the stuff, all the furniture that the room contains. Do you really need/ want them there? Experiment with some changes, take out the stuff/furniture  you don't want there any more. Create open spaces that will bring a more spacious feeling.
  6. Cluster candles of different sizes on a table! Not only will they bring a stylish element to your room, you will enjoy lighting candles during the winter months.
  7.  If your room is particularly small, use a mirror to give it a spacious feeling!
  8. You don't have to invest in designer furniture or accessories! Check out Ebay, free cycling, car boot sales and flea markets. You are bound to find interesting things for a much better price at these places. They might need some paint or polish but it gives you the chance to make it your own.
  9. Display bottles or vases on a window sill or an empty shelf. It will look interesting and create a place to look at and enjoy!
  10. Reupholstering chairs is a great way to save money, easy to do even if you are not a DIY person. 

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