Smiling like Sunshine: Courgetti with Tomato Sauce and Olives

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Courgetti with Tomato Sauce and Olives

Hello! It has been a long break but I am back!
Recently I have been obsessed with my spiralizer.
I just love spiralizing my veggies. Well, the rest of the household is not so keen so I usually have them for my lunch! It's great way to increase the amount of raw veggies you eat plus replacing them with carbs helps you lose weight, too!

I usually spiralize a few courgettes and put them in a container in the fridge. This way, I have some ready when I need a quick meal! To make the tomato sauce I simply saute half a tin of canned tomatoes in oliva oil with garlic. When ready, add and mix with the courgetti. Top with  basil and olives and voila! I have also tried it with pesto and poached eggs which is also lovely!
Have you got a spiralizer? Any favourite recipes you'd like to share in the comments?

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