Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tips and Tricks to Pest-proof your Home

Let’s face it, none of us like bugs or rodents inside our home. The sight of a spider or cockroach can have us fleeing for cover with a can of fly spray. Pest control operators make big dollars out of our hatred of all things crawly in our houses, but the reality is most of these critters crawl are quite easy to keep out in the long-term. Here are some tips and tricks to help pest-proof your home without paying expensive exterminator fees.

It may seem obvious, but the very best way of keeping your home pest free is to stop them from entering your home in the first place. Often bad weather will drive unwanted bugs and rodents into your home for protection against the elements. Installing screens to all of your windows and doors is probably the single most effective thing you can do.Stylewise Security offer lots of attractive options that can be modified to suit almost any sized windows and doors. These are an excellent option as they are made from mesh that is super strong and tear-resistant.

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Seal It

Inspect your home for all openings where water pipes and electrical, television and phone wires enter your home. These are common entry points for pests. Ask your hardware store for a sealant that will suit your conditions. This may take a little effort but the results will be worth it.

Check for Cracks

The next step in pest-proofing your home is to carry out a thorough examination of the exterior for cracks. Pay particular attention to areas around windows, doors and fascia boards. Apply a healthy helping of clear silicone to any gaps you find. This will form an effective barrier without affecting the visual amenity of your home’s exterior.

Cover Vents

Many homes have vents to facilitate climate control. While vents are necessary for the everyday functioning of your home, it’s also where wildlife can make a nice home. By covering your vents and chimney with wire mesh, you’ll stop the larger animals from setting up camp where they shouldn’t.

Barrier Treatment

Another highly effective method of keeping your home pest-free is to have an exterminator apply a barrier treatment around your home. This is particularly advisable if you have a termite problem in your area. If you are having difficulty completely sealing your home from outside invasions, it is a good idea to create a chemical barrier to dissuade unwanted visitors. You can even do this yourself with most hardware stores or lawn and garden suppliers offering quality products and easy-to-use applicators. Be sure to wear a mask and gloves when handling any insecticides and follow directions carefully. Treat the base of your home and pay particular attention to doors, entrance ways and other openings.
Taking these steps will considerably reduce the likelihood of stumbling across unwanted pests in your home. If the worst happens and you do come across a stray spider or bug, your vacuum cleaner is an effective way of removing the problem. If all else fails and you do suffer an infestation, call your friendly local exterminator fast!

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Introducing City Calling

Hello! This time I am writing this blog post from Turkey. It has been a couple of days and we are enjoying and cherishing the time that we have been spending with friends and family.
The last six months have been very busy for me as I was trying to finish my training practice and trying to get used to work life while juggling family life with two children. Add two operations that my husband had to have in to this mix. It was exhausting. 
Right now, we are visiting the west coast of Turkey. It is very hot during the day. So we are trying to get used to the life style here. The day usually spent in air conditioned places and people tend to go out after 9pm. The children go to bed late as families go to the parks and play grounds in the night. Defne and Derin obviously find this very exciting and interesting!
Next week, we will fly down to the south where we will be spending time with my side of the family. We will spend the week at the seaside with friends and family which will be really nice. I really can’t wait to enjoy the sea.
The week after, we are returning back to the UK. September will be a new start for us: Derin is starting school. As for me, I have now finished my teaching practice and I was lucky enough to be offered a job at the same preschool. Otherwise I would be looking for a job at the moment. It has been brought to my attention that  City Calling is a new online board for employers and job seekers. 

I have checked it out and there seem to be quite a few companies that now prefer to recruit via their website. They are very active on social media and publish posts with plenty of tips for job seekers and employers. They also have an international presence  which makes it easier to relocate to other countries.
Check out their brand new video to find out more about City Calling.*

* In collaboration with City Calling.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Keeping Fit With The Family

Keeping fit is not something people find easy to do alone. I have found that a regular session with the BMX bikes serves as a perfect way of enjoying physical activities for the family. Having tried many exercise methods in an attempt to get one to stick, simply riding a bike with the family has done it.

Don't go alone

If I've learnt anything in my ragged attempts to get off the couch, it's that exercise is not something to do on your own. That doesn't necessarily mean that someone has to be with you, but knowing that there are others involved - be they on the internet, or pursuing similar goals elsewhere - is a key element of keeping on track. When organising exercise, or sport, there are often people - children especially - who dislike elements. Getting a teenager to swim can be a nightmare, or an adult to gather the confidence to run in public. Riding a bike is a natural, no-nonsense way of getting everyone together. So long as your children are above the age of 3, they can join in the riding too.

Pick an easy exercise

This may sound counter-productive, but it's really not. Organise the family for a gruelling session of running and you'll likely end up with a high drop-out rate by lunchtime. Pick easy exercises: you can always ramp up the difficulty if you want to, but not everyone is prepared for getting sweaty. Starting slow ensures nobody feels left behind, and if people have their breath, they can talk. If you're taking the BMX bikes out, pick a relatively flat route and allow time for resting. Soon enough, you'll be biking for hours with the family, and loving it.

Do it for the family

By keeping a healthy lifestyle while having fun, you're ticking all the boxes. And not just your own, but your whole family's. Getting those who don't exercise started is often done by tagging along with someone else. If you can encourage your whole family to join you, you're doing them a favour by introducing them to regular exercise and giving them a chance to bond with you. It's not always easy to open up when you're at the dinner table, but that changes after a shared experience like a beautiful day out with the BMX bikes.

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