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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Flubit: Demand a better offer on everything

I don't know about you but I love the convenience of online shopping. I buy my groceries online,I buy my books online, most of the time I buy our clothes online.
Recently,I have been approached by a new shopping website: Flubit. Their website works very differently than any other site I know.

Let's say you want to buy an Ipod that you have seen on another online marketplace, you paste the product link on Flubit.

Flubit then finds you a better price and sends you the new price via an email within a few hours. They claim that they can find a better price than Amazon. If you are happy with the price offer, you then simply buy the product through Flubit. If you don't want to wait at all, then you can use their Instant Offer service that generates an immediate offer which you can chose to accept immediately.

The people at Flubit asked me which product I would like. I asked for a cookbook: Oh She Glows. It cost around twenty pounds on Amazon and Flubit found it for thirteen pounds which was amazing. Flubit reckons it can help 98% of their customers save 15% on average.
Flubit has recently launched their Chrome extension which  enables an even better shopping experience.

Dislaimer: We received a book,a product of our choice,in exchange of our review of the website.This review reflects our true and honest opinion.

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Our Easter Holiday Plans

The spring term was very busy for the children and we have all been looking forward to the Easter holiday. This time around we did not plan any outings. I really wanted it to be a laid back holiday.
As much as we love being out and about,it is also necessary to have some down time. After all if we get bored, we can always plan a trip to London or somewhere else. Of course, there is always the option of going to the park which is just around the corner.

My little Mondrian

At home, we love spending our time with crafty things. Recently Derin has been showing an interest in this type of activity.
We like reading, sometimes  together and sometimes we just put up our feet and read our own books!
We will of course cook and bake, a lot! I don't know about your children, but my children seem to be hungry all the time when they are at home. They want to eat snack after snack!

Making dinosaur eggs
I am also looking forward to dying eggs and preparing an egg trail for the children. I have fond memories of these from my own childhood. I might attempt to use natural foods such as beetroots and onion skins to dye the eggs. It is bound to be fun!
Holidays are also an excellent time for us to have lengthy Skype calls with our families abroad. The children love showing them their latest favorite things: Sometimes a toy, sometimes they want to sing to sing them or show them a picture or craft they have made. Sometimes I think there are psychic powers between my mum and me as I often answer the phone and it's she calling when I am just about to call her! Sometimes I feel like it's more than a reciprocal feeling.
At times, it happens between my husband and me. We turn to each other and out of the blue, talk about the same subject. According to an article on The Guardian, more than half of the people in Britain  believe in psychic powers. It is really like a magic and it always surprises me when it happens. I remember a news from a couple of years ago. A psychic had a feeling she would win at a lottery and she did win it.She was claiming that she can pick up energies but doesn't know how!
It appears that some people have psychic energies which they can use professionally.

I am hoping for a sunny Easter holiday filled with joyful activities for everyone.
What are your plans for the Easter holiday?

This is a collaborative post with TheCircle.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Natural Parenting Older Children

Hello friends and happy April! To celebrate the spring and the Earth Month I have collaborated with fellow bloggers. This is the perfect time to talk about natural parenting and teaching our children about sustainable living. Please find the schedule of the topics here.
I have always been interested in natural parenting and tried to practice it with both my children. I have opted for and was lucky enough to give birth to them in a birth pool, I have breastfed them long term.

We have slept with them in our family bed until they were ready to move on. Now that they are older (8 and 5) these are all lovely memories of the past but  they obviously still need that deep connection.
I try to make sure to have some one to one time with each of them at least once a week.It doesn't have to be a special occasion, just cuddling on the sofa and reading a book, playing a game,cooking together, crafting or simply colouring in a sheet. I don't know about your children, but when I ask my children about their day at school, they are reluctant to tell anything. But when we are doing something together, usually crafting or colouring in, they will open up without me asking them anything.

A nurturing touch, a listening ear,holding hands  and responding with sensitivity is all they need and want. At times, in our rushed daily life, if we skip doing any of these, children usually let us know about their unmet needs by trying to get our attention.
This year Derin started school. In the UK, children start to Reception at the age of four. Although Derin, being born in January, is one of the oldest children in the class, most of the times he is exhausted at the end of the day. Once he enters the house, he is tired and grumpy. I found that just sitting down together cuddling on the sofa helps him so much. Rather than giving him snacks until dinner time, I  try to get their dinner ready by school pick up time, so he has a proper meal and then he can eat healthy snacks if he is hungry by bedtime.
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