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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Home is where the heart is

This post is written for the Friday Club Carnival which is hosted by Notes from Home. The topic is "why do you live where you do?"

My husband and I, we both have itchy feet. We were already living abroad when he got a job offer from England. We accepted the offer and arrived here in September 2006. Husband, me and the bump. Baby was due in January.
The company he would work for was in Guildford. A place we have never heard of before. We googled it and learnt that it was not far from London.
We arrived on a sunny Friday evening and the very next day we went to London for a touristic sight seeing. Then on Sunday, we went out for a walk in Guildford. It has a lovely cobbled High Street and beautiful parks. We remember very clearly how stunned we were and decided it is a nice place to live.
So we started living here. We let a flat, turned it into home. Three months later, we had our baby. We became a family here.
We love that it is a small city. The town center consists of two streets. When we have some errands to run, we can finish them in one go and then enjoy a walk at the riverside. It is famous for its High Street, so can be crowded during the weekends but it's a calm place on a weekday.
It has a huge park, with lovely playgrounds, a paddling pool, a rose garden where we spend a lot of time during summer.

Guildford is nice place to live for families. Schools are good. There is a big leisure center and the riverside is a great place to escape in the heart of the town centre.
If you want the big city life, just get on the train and in 40 minutes you are in London. Or if you fancy going to the seaside, it is close to Brighton and Isle of Wight.
It is close to both Gatwick and Heathrow airports.
We loved living here.
As it happens, in 2010, conditions changed and we decided to go back home, to Istanbul. It was not an easy move, as we had just had another baby. Packing your stuff is not great fun when you have a 4 month old baby and 3 year old toddler.
We went back to Istanbul at the end of April. We let a flat,unpacked all the stuff. We created a new life there.
Istanbul,the city of my youth was not the best city with two kids in tow. We didn't enjoy the traffic. We missed the luxury of walking everywhere as we used to do in Guildford. We didn't enjoy the shopping malls.
It was one of the hottest summers and we felt like trapped in the city. We missed the coolness, the rain and the sunny spells.
We missed "our" park.
We missed everything.
Yes we had friends in Istanbul, but it is not easy to meet up as it is such a big city. And the traffic jam on the weekends does not help either.
Our 4 year old was asking about Guildford every day.
Then we started to think about coming back. We had only been there for a few months, but we thought better sooner than later.
It would be crazy and tiring but when there was a job opportunity, we didn't look back. We came back last October.
We let a house with a garden this time around, made it our home and started again.
It cost us a lot of money and it was probably one of the most difficult decisions in our lives but we did what we felt would be better for our family.
My husband is commuting for work now, so we might end up moving somewhere closer to his job but at the moment, we are still here. And as we feel a bit tired of moving houses,we would rather enjoy it for a while before we make the next move.
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  1. Interesting read! We are not far from Guildford and lived there when we were first married as my husband was born and raised there. It is lovely, and the Guildford streets are what first turned me into a babywearer 5 years ago (the hill, the cobbles and a pram are not good companions!!).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Sarah,nice to meet you. The hills of Guildford are a lovely excuse for a babywearer :)

  3. I so admire you for making a decision and going for it, even though it cost you a lot of money. Good luck for your renewed life in England.

  4. Good for you for going with your gut feelings and what you knew would be best for your family - brave lady!

  5. I know Guildford very well and I love it so much it's on our shortlist of places to consider for our own housemove. I definitely understand why you would feel the pull to return to the life you had already made there.

  6. That sounds like it must have been such a hard decision. We live near to Guildford, its a lovely place. x

  7. It sounds like you made the right decision for your family. Good for you.


  8. Good Luck for your new life in England again. Interested to hear that you lived in Istanbul. My husband will be there at the end of the month on a conference. He's looking for a local boat to hire out for his conference guests for an evening meal and cruise. Any recommendation on where to start looking? Thanks Best of Luck in UK. I hate the heat here in Lanzarote in the summer, drives me mad!


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