Smiling like Sunshine: Land Art

Friday, 20 May 2011

Land Art

I knew this is the perfect activity for my daughter when I read about it on Artful Adventures. My daughter loves flower arranging. Combining this with outdoors is a great thing to do, especially in spring.
This morning I sent her out in the garden with a little box and asked her to collect everything she likes ;)
While I was hanging the laundry, she picked flowers and leaves. Then I put some play sand on a tray and she arranged everything to her heart's content. It looks beautiful.
Then we collected everything and popped them back into the box. As she was rearranging everything, she said the leaves look like a fish. I asked her if she wanted to add seashells and stones, and here is her finished art.

This is a great tactile kind of play/activity for children which fosters creativity and imagination.
There is a Flickr group about Land Art for Kids which features beautiful photos.

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