Smiling like Sunshine: Make your own Moon Sand

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Make your own Moon Sand

My daughter LOVES playing with sand. I thought she would enjoy playing with moon sand. We have never bought the ones in store but I could imagine that it was stickier, thus better for shaping. This has been on my "to do list" for ages, so today was the day.

I used the recipe on Irresistable Ideas for Playbased Learning.
Mix together:
4 cups sand
2 cups cornflour
1 cup of water

Once I got started I realized I only have 1 cup of corn starch, so I prepared it with 2 cups of sand.
Our water/sand table has 2 sections. I filled the left with sand for my son and the right section with moon sand for my daughter. It's not too much as you see, but she loved the goey sensation and enjoyed playing with it.

 She loved making little cookies

Rachel over at Quirky Momma has  a slightly different recipe in which she adds salt. She also suggests adding glitter or food colouring which I'll try the next time around.
This is a lovely activity. My daughter is naturally very tidy so it was not messy at all, but Rachel warns that it's messier than play sand, so be warned ;)

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  1. Making moon sand is a must do - how fun!

  2. Oh yes, much better to make your own moon sand AND keep it outside... fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing on kids get crafty :-)


  3. Leeana, I highly recommend it, it's great fun!
    Maggy, thank you,my

  4. We've never tried moonsand before - will have to give it a go (with the added glitter of course!) Thanks for linking up with the Carnival of Outdoor Play.

  5. we tried store bought moon sand - what a mess! sounds like making your own & keeping it outdoors is a perfect solution.

    would love for you to share on the sunday showcase -


  6. Wonderful idea! We made it and I wanted my children to experience it in different temperatures. I put one bag of it in the refrigerator and placed one bag of it in the sun. (Georgia in the summer is HOT) We then discussed how the sand felt, what the differences were, etc. NOTE: Be very careful when adding glitter. Glitter can stick to a child's fingers and if they rub their eyes, it can become embedded in the eye.


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