Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday:Belle and Boo

Monday, 11 June 2012

Book Sharing Monday:Belle and Boo

Last week, when we visited the library, a book  caught my attention with its gorgeous cover: Belle and Boo

I read it and fell in love with the beautiful vintage style illustration. It is about a little girl,Belle and her bunny Boo. It is Boo's birthday and Belle  prepares lovely surprises for the bunny friend. Defne loves the book so much a copy is to be ordered I suppose.
When I went online to search about the book and the writer, I learnt that it is just published in April and another book is coming out in October. 
What have you been reading with your little ones lately? I would love for you to shsre your books.


  1. The cover illustrations look a little like the classic Winnie the Pooh. Did you see any similarity in the books?

  2. A lot of times I go for the covers too! Belle and Boo does have a lovely cover! :)

  3. Hi, I found you through Emma Collins' PR Facebook post and have linked up :) I will subscribe so that I don't miss any of your posts, I'm always after new books for my toddler

  4. That looks lovely! Must pick up a copy at the library for Ali :)


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