Smiling like Sunshine: Children's books about breastfeeding

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Children's books about breastfeeding

 Welcome back to the last week of Keep Britain Breastfeeding 2012! The theme is breastfeeding beyond the first month this week.
You may already know that I let my children self wean when they are ready. I have written about my tips on tandem nursing and nursing through pregnancy before which you might find useful. 
It is also great joy to nurse and chat about breastfeeding with an older child.
We  enjoy reading books about breastfeeding and for today I thought I would do a round up of these books.

 A lovely book about night weaning:Nursies when the sun shines

Before You were Born has beautiful illustrations

You,me and the breast is just lovely!My daughter's favorite!

Mystery of the Breast is also great for preparing a sibling to the arrival of a new baby.

I would love to hear if you know of any other children's books about breastfeeding. Please let me know in the comments.
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  1. I've never seen a childrens book about breastfeeding which is a real shame

    My goal is to carry on breastfeeding whilst working full time

  2. My goal is to feed until she has had enough. Made it past my original 6 month goal and past first teeth goal!

  3. Samantha Holloway24 June 2012 at 10:49

    My breats feeding goal for my next child is to continue breast feeding past the 6 months mark.

  4. Wow these books look lovely i have never come accross any before. My goals for when bump arrives like they were with my little girl are to take each day as it comes and hopefuly allow her to self wean when she is ready just like her sister did :)

  5. my breastfeding goal is to keep going once i return to work in spetember, even if i can only do it once a day!

  6. My goal is to feed anywhere without feeling embarrassed and to go for as long as my baby needs and wants it.

  7. I'm 37 weeks pregant, first time mum, intending on breast feeding exclusively till baby about about 6 months, then we'll take things day to day and do what seems best at the time

  8. My LO has decided to extend her nursing, so I'm following her lead.

  9. My goal is to just carry on as I am, leatting my two girls take the lead.

  10. My daughter and I love the book Mama's Milk which includes illustrations and facts about all sorts of animal nursing, including humans! :)

  11. The biggest Bed In The World is a children's book with pictures of breastfeeding, and co-sleeping :)

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  13. Children's book Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother by Mark Repkin is an excellent book for the toddler expecting a new breastfeeding sibling. The pictures are bright and vibrant and the story is entertaining and informative. It is a great tool to prepare your toddler for a new breastfeeding sibling. It is also available in a bilingual edition (English/Spanish on each page). The book can be bought on Amazon,LaLeche League International Books Store and on Facebook.


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