Smiling like Sunshine: Book Sharing Monday

Monday, 9 July 2012

Book Sharing Monday

Remember the Frog series I had written about beforeWe came across Frog and The Winter on our library visit.

  Although it is a winter book,I decided to share it with you,because sometimes it is good  to read about winter when you are going through a heat wave? Here in England, we are having a very wet summer and haven't had much of summer yet!
Anyways,back to the book, in this story, Frog wakes up one day only to find everywhere covered with ice and snow and feels so cold.While his friends enjoy ice skating, the nice fresh weather. His friends had fat,fur or feather to keep themselves warm but he was just a bare frog! The friends help him enjoy the winter and when the spring finally arrives they share his joy! What have you been reading with your children recently?Please share. Tomorrow there will be a book giveaway here, so don't forget to come back ;)


  1. This sounds like such a cute book!

  2. Frog in Winter looks like a book we'd really enjoy! I haven't seen this series before. Thanks for sharing (and we're in Winter in our part of the world so how perfect?) :)

  3. Yes, I've been watching Wimbledon and they've talked about the wet weather you're having. This looks like a fun book -- I can't have enough rainy day books. It reminds me of tromping through puddles with my boys.


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