Smiling like Sunshine: Brown Stair and Pink Tower Extensions

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Brown Stair and Pink Tower Extensions

During the summer holiday Defne (5.5 year old) had a great time working with the brown stairs and pink tower extensions.

If you are not familiar with them, the pink tower and the brown stairs are sensorial materials. The pink tower is used to teach the child the concepts of big and small through senses. The brown stairs are used to teach the concepts of thick and thin. These two materials can be used together. I downloaded a few from the web and printed them for Defne but the child can also use the materials to create his/her own extensions. In fact Defne started doing just that once she was inspired by the printed versions.

These activities

  • help the child's visual perception in judging sizes. 
  • develop coordination and fine motor skills.
  • prepare the child for mathematics and geometry indrectly by teaching them sequencing,patterning and comparison
  • develop language.

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