Smiling like Sunshine: Virtual Book Club for Kids: Planting A Rainbow

Monday, 17 September 2012

Virtual Book Club for Kids: Planting A Rainbow

Welcome to the Virtual Book Club for Kids! As I mentioned earlier, this month's author is Lois Ehlert.

We chose her famous book Planting A Rainbow . It is a fabulous book that combines nature and colours. It is excellent to teach colours to younger children and with older ones you can talk about different flowers and their properties.

Having read the book with Derin (32 months old), we used our Montessori colour tablets  to  do a simple matching activity. Montessori colour tablets help children to learn the colours and their shades.For more information on colour tablets,check out Living Montessori Now.

As a lovely coincidence, the sunflower seed that Defne planted back in February, blossomed just yesterday . It made us so very happy! 

We have plans to plant our very own rainbow garden for next summer.

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