Smiling like Sunshine: DIY Montessori Large Moveable Alphabet

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

DIY Montessori Large Moveable Alphabet

Derin (40 months) has been very interested with letters from very early on. He has worked a lot with the sandpaper letters. He enjoyed working with the alphabet boxes and he now knows the phonetic sounds of the alphabet. I have just made a moveable alphabet for him. Traditionally, the moveable alphabet consists of wooden lowercase letters with blue vowels and red consonants.

I decided to make an alphabet for Derin and I bought a set of lowercase letters and painted the letters using an acrylic deco pen. I have put them in  two storage boxes that I already had at home.

At the first introduction, I gave Derin the opportunity to explore the letters and the box. I sounded out a couple of letters and invited him to find that particular letter.
On another day, we started building words. I provided Derin with a couple of three letter word objects.
I sound out the word and ask Derin "What sound can you hear when I say hat?" He will say "h", then I  ask him to find the letter "h" and to put it on the mat or table.

The moveable alphabet is a great tool that allows the child to start writing without actually writing. The little objects are also very pretty and children love them. If you have time and can easily find or make  them, great. If like me, you are not inclined to do so, you can find them readily available. I bought mine from here.

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